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Moving Bed Bioreactor


  • The smaller size of the biological reactor
  • Very flexible process, as allows changes of the filling in the reactor
  • Recirculation of biomass to the reactor is not required
  • No knowledge of the biology of the process is required
  • Simple to operate and control

Membrane Bioreactors


  • Possibility of reuse the water treated for its effluent quality
  • Occupy less space than other technologies
  • Capability to remove several contaminants like bacteria, nitrogen, and other suspended solid wastes
  • The high waste removal efficiency
  • It produces less volume of sludge

Sequencing Batch Reactor


  • High quality of the effluent and less amount of suspended solids
  • Higher endurance against sudden temperature variations
  • High efficiency removing organic matter (BOD5 and COD) and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous)
  • Great control over the growth of filamentous microorganisms and decanting problems


Decantation and Filtration Technology

  • High-quality water: drinking water complying with WHO specifications (World Health Organization) or customer’s higher requirements
  • Minimum civil works: only small ditches and foundations
  • Easy commissioning: preassembled plant
  • Easy operation: reliable technologies and easy operation
  • Centralized operation: Electric control cabinet in the container structure
  • Mobile: possibility of relocating the packaged plant
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