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A Small Yet Growing Company

Our advantage lies in the breadth of our experience. Our highly customized team of industry experts are well-versed in a variety of methodologies and have a keen ability to produce lasting results.

North America

Incorporated and headquartered in the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta, Melanite Group has naturally grown and transitioned from a local supplier to a reliable partner coast to coast. Our footprint covers all provinces and territories across Canada and several states in the US.

Latin America

As a region full of diversity, culture, and traditions, Latin America is one of the key export markets for many Canadian businesses. Melanite Group is actively pursuing opportunities in the region and has proudly delivered several projects to local governments and international clients across Latin America.

Middle East & Africa

Melanite Group recognizes its role as a global citizen dedicated to social and environmental values. We work with international organizations across the region to address fundamental issues such as access to clean water, electricity, and waste treatment.


The green continent is home to 44 countries, many of which are trend-setters for environmental policies and standards. Through partnership and several pioneering companies and research institutes across Europe, Melanite Group offers a wide range of technologies to the global market.

Our Global Footprint