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Feasibility Studies

We offer expertise in market analysis, business and financial modelling, regulatory framework, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.

The company is forward-looking and innovation driven with rich experience and expertise across all disciplines of engineering, consulting, management, and operational services.

We work with a passionate team of resources with expertise across multiple technical areas from process engineering to electrical, mechanical, and energy. Our team is distributed across Canada covering areas from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Our track-record includes:

  • Conducted a comprehensive study of electricity generation regulatory framework across different provinces and territories in Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Yukon
  • Completed a market assessment and pre-feasibility study for distributed generation opportunities in Canada
  • Developed a business and financial model for 2-10 MW solar and wind projects for interested investors
  • Studied visions, national strategies, regulations, and acts in energy sector for several sample countries
  • Investigated energy resource share in country energy mix, national energy consumption, renewable energy identified capacity vs realized
  • Researched regulatory policies in environmental protection, greenhouse gases emission reduction and climate change, energy transition policies (subside base solutions, Feed in Tariffs, tendering, long-term purchasing agreements, etc.)
  • Studied competition in power generation sector across several jurisdictions (government, public and private shares in market, major players, etc.)
  • Studied international business, credit and and risk indexes, relationship with major Export Credit Agencies including EFK and Hermes
  • Investigated costs and availability of regional and international financing for energy related projects in sample countries
  • Researched open market economy, transparency in competition, foreign investment promotion policies, historical data regarding national currency stability, and exchange rate fluctuations