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Design & Engineering

Melanite Group Ltd has been providing technical services to commercial and industrial clients for more than five years. Over 50 years of combined experience across multiple technical areas has afforded us the skills and knowledge to become a reliable partner for innovative technical solutions.

With an in-house team of electrical, mechanical, and process engineers that are enthusiastic about taking on challenges everyday, we cover an extensive range of engineering services. Our goal is to make sure our clients get access to the latest technological innovations, along with dedicated ongoing advice and support.

Melanite Group has unparalleled expertise in the delivery of the high quality, technically complex solutions based upon our customer’s requirements and aspirations. We assure quality and customer satisfaction in a measurable and safe way through efficiently planning for construction and commissioning phases and minimizing onsite resources and interfaces as much as possible.

At Melanite Group, we are committed to quality and our clients’ satisfaction. Our offerings are continually being refined and improved as a result of our experience on all of our client engagements.